We are the Good Human Party. We believe in the collective power of community. In waking up every morning with the resolve to employ our talents for justice. We believe in the party—the joy and revelry of celebration. The act of creating something is inherently political—every one of us holds responsibility for helping to transform our world. We believe in confronting the systems of oppression embedded in our culture, welcoming each person's whole self and lived experience Now, more than ever, we need to stretch our minds, our hearts, and our spirits in order to find new ways forward. We believe in turning daydreams into realities, ideas into movements.


The time to act is now.

The Good Human Party was conceived of by a group of folks who work in communications, art, and design to offer free, public spaces for community-based creative expression and learning. Michael Jager, Chris Norris, Jasmine Parsia, and Daniel Shearer were interested in creating something to leverage the creative power of Burlington, Vermont to fight oppressive forces and actively work to build a world we believe in. 

With the People's Climate March around the corner, we wanted to support 350VT's organizing to turn people out and help Vermonter's find their role in working for climate justice. April 22nd is our first event! We are hoping to continue to partner with other organizations fighting for justice and bringing Vermonters together.