Contribute to the cause and design a one or two-color graphic about climate justice to be screen printed during the Iskra print workshop. During the event, the community will assemble and layer graphics from contributors to create their own poster.

If you have any questions about setting up your files, drop us a line.

Due Please upload your design by Tuesday, April 18 at 2pm

Design Your design can be a one or two-color graphic. One typographic and/or one illustrated element are recommended and should be included on separate layers. These layers can work together, but may not be printed together due to the nature of the workshop – so they should be able to work independently. 

Size All artwork must be 14 x 18in. or smaller. The workshop posters will be printed on 16 x 20in. sheets. Please send your artwork at 100% scale.

Fonts should be no smaller than 12 pt.

Line weight should be no smaller than 3pt or approx 1/16in.

Halftones can be a great way to print textures or images, any halftones must have a frequency value of 30 lines/inch or lower.

Files Please upload your files via Dropbox using the Upload Your Design button at the top of this page. Send your artwork as a .zip folder and be sure to include:

  • A file of your artwork. Accepted formats are:
    • .ai – Adobe Illustrator
    • Please be sure that all fonts have been outlined and any embedded images are included.
    • .psd – Adobe Photoshop
    • Don’t flatten layers. Be sure your image is at least 300 dpi and set to actual print size. If you're using fonts, please include them with your file.
  • Jpeg mock-up for reference
  • A text doc that includes: your name, email address, and location
  • Refer to this folder for templates and examples of what to include

The Fine Print Please note, since our studio is small only about 20 images will be used during the workshop. Artwork will be selected by printability — thin lines, full-bleeds, and tiny halftones are difficult for seasoned screenprinters, and even more difficult for screenprinting newcomers. So when in doubt, think simpler and more graphic. The artwork will be printed in a variety of colors, as chosen by each community printer.

By submitting artwork to the Dropbox folder you are agreeing to allow reproductions of your work, no rights reserved.